• Corporate and Business

    Healthy businesses are full of healthy, resilient staff, that are able to thrive on a challenge, impact others in a positive manner and have a common sense of purpose. Sigma Mindset works with businesses within a success mindset to achieve a high level of performance.

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  • Human Service

    Working with a diverse group of people, in challenging situations can sometimes take a toll on the health and performance of staff. Sigma Mindset works with Human Service organisations within a resilience framework to strengthen, support and help maintain peak performance and health.

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  • Personal

    Life can sometimes provide roadblocks that stop us achieving our life goals. Sigma Mindset works with the individual and the business owner to help you smash through the mental and emotional blockages that keep you stuck and finally achieve the breakthrough you have been longing for.

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  • Public Speaking

    It can always be difficult finding exactly the right speaker for your upcoming important event. Sigma Mindset provides presentations and keynotes that teach, inspire and elevate audiences to new levels of achievement. We believe the audience should walk away with an authentic experience and practical tools for life application.

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  • Workshops

    Learning should, can and is fun. With this in mind, Sigma Mindset workshops are designed for the overall adult learning experience. Participants come away from workshops equipped, prepared and motivated to continue to tackle any necessary change.

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Public Speaking

Motivational • Inspirational • Transformational

Julie Spain

Business Mindset Strategist

Keynote Speaker and Trainer in Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Resilience Building


Powerful and passionate, Julie’s presentations teach, inspire, and elevate audiences to new levels of achievement.  She is also a regular TV presenter on the QCTV, 2012 Logie nominated program “Good Business” and for 6 years was the Director of Focus a Women’s Business and Professional Network.



What Others Are Saying

“Julie presented an inspiring session at our annual EA/PA Summit. The fact that she scored an average of 9/10 from the thirty delegates should speak for itself, however it is Julie’s ability to personally engage with each delegate and simply light up the room with her passion, knowledge, and insight, that should be noted. Her session on ‘Creating a Success Mindset: Smashing your Barriers to Personal and Professional Improvement’ was well researched, yet it is her personal approach to facilitating that truly reached every delegate. I would recommend Julie in a heartbeat, as an energetic, intelligent woman, who will inspire and influence any group.” Emma Turner, Research Analyst, Tonkin Corporation (Ranked #26 on BRW Fast 100 2010)

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The Lady Mayoress of Ipswich, Janet Pisasale, launching Julie’s online/offline program: The Secrets to Emotional Health

Vision | Purpose | Passion | Success | An Extraordinary Life | Powerful Tools | Transform Vision into Reality | Success Mindset | Smashing Through Emotional and Mental Blockages | Moving Forward | Mental Focus | Optimism | Leverage | Organisational Synergy | Transformational Leadership | Change Tools | Unlocking the Key to Success | Energy | Abundance | Prosperity | Mind Body Heart Spirit Connection Empowerment Mindset | Action Orientated | Authentic

Do you want someone with 25 years experience?

Do you want to not just be motivated but be transformed?

Do you want a speaker who is informative, educational and life changing?

Do you want your speaking event to be an experience not just another information session?


Julie presenting at her popular One Day Program The Entrepreneurial Mindset Exposed

Sigma Mindset provides custom tailored programs, within Entrepeneurship, Intrapreneurship and Resilience Building, to address your strategic needs and advance your business success

Making the Psychology of Success their lifelong passion, every course, program, coaching session, online program and keynote presentation is designed to deliver the results you need and align your business and staff with your goals to achieve them quickly and easily.

All programs and resources are designed to help Business Owners, Executives and Staff:

  • Tap into their creativity
  • Align mindset with goals and dreams
  • Develop strategic thinking
  • Build the business within the business
  • Eliminate mindset blockages
  • Retain staff and increase productivity
  • Lay strong strategic foundations for your business

To book Julie to speak at your next Business, Corporate or Conference Event Click Here

What Others Are Saying

 “I have had the privilege of listening to Julie speak on a couple of occasions and have been enthralled on both occasions. I teach presentation skills and I can say that Julie satisfies all the criteria of a great speaker. She uses her presence and style to talk with and engage with her audience. She is obviously knowledgeable and experienced in her field and has much to offer. I would recommend Julie as a speaker to any business owner or manager looking to improve performance.” September 30, 2011Russell Lewis, Business Improvement Specialist, Planning Consultant, Business Coach and Business Owner, Rusden Management Services


Personal Profile on Julie:

Julie’s mantra is “transforming lives and businesses one person at a time” and works from a philosophical basis of a heart approach to the head.

Julie will help you: tap into your creativity, align your mindset with your goals and dreams, develop strategic thinking and create the “business within the business”.

Julie is a leading authority in understanding and stimulating human potential for individuals, businesses and organizations. Powerful and passionate, Julie’s presentations teach, inspire, and elevate audiences to new levels of achievement.

Currently, Julie is also the Coordinator for the Springfield/Ipswich Chapter of Women’s Network Australia and is a regular TV presenter on the QCTV, Logie nominated program “Good Business”.  Previously, Julie was the Director of her own Women’s Business and Professional Network, Focus.

Examples of Keynote Presentations and Training Topics:

  • Emotional Engagement that Keeps Customers Coming Back and Skyrockets Sales

  • Creating the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Succeeding in Business When Others are Failing

  • Creating a Success Mindset: Smashing Your Barriers to Personal and Professional Improvement

  • Thriving Not Just Surviving: How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

  • The Art of Intrapreneurship: Building the Business Within the Business

  • Crisis Management for Managers: A Psycho/Social Organisational Response for Staff Well Being

  • The Success Factor and You

  • 10 Tips for Cultivating Positive Emotions For Optimum Health

  • Stress Relief Made Easy

  • Igniting the Motivational Fire: Success Mindset for Business

  • Resilience Building for Improved Performance, Productivity and Sales

  • Supercharge Your Energy and Your Life

  • Mind Body Heart Spirit Connection

  • The ABC of Leadership: Abundance, Belief, Congruence

  • Business Success Mindset Toolbox

  • Work/Life Balance that Makes a Difference

  • Women in Business Success Mindset Makeover

  • Cultivating Connections for Impact

To book Julie to speak at your next Business, Corporate or Conference Event Click Here


What Others Are Saying

“Julie’s warmth, passion and integrity are evident in all she does. Over the last 15 years, I have witnessed Julie work with 1000’s of people both individually and in groups. All, including myself, have come away, motivated, enlightened and equipped to handle life in a better and easier way. I have had the pleasure of listening to Julie speak on a number of occasions and along with everyone else in the audience, never came away disappointed. If you follow her proven simple steps, I know your life will change, mine did.”Maria Forbes, Naturopath and Business Woman Australia

What Others Are Saying

“Julie has an innate ability to connect quickly with a group & educate, equip and empower your team to success. Through one session with our team, Julie’s wealth of knowledge produced an instant return our investment and business. Our team were so encouraged by Julie they were asking for her to come back again. Do not hesitate to sign up Julie to help power your business to success”.
Esther, Beauty Day Spa Owner, Australia, www.urbandayspa.net

What Others Are Saying

I found listening to Julie speak at conferences very enlightening. Julie is very easy to listen to, open and friendly and genuinely seeking to bring positive input to any questions that are directed her way.The advice provided by Julie is a mixture of wisdom, thought provoking challenges, practical tools and a reminder to believe in yourself.With juggling work, family and outside commitments, sometimes the balls get mixed up and Julie is able to show practical tips and tools about how to realign them and set boundaries to prioritise and manage them without giving less of yourself.Wendy, Administrator, Ipswich, Australia

What Others Are Saying

Julie Spain is a very clear and capable communicator. I have heard Julie speak in a variety of settings, from a large Women’s Forum gathering to smaller group sessions of people united by a common issue. Julie is able to combine theoretical concepts with relevant ‘real life’ examples – this engages her audience and allows them to explore the topic further. I highly recommend Julie as an engaging, thought provoking speaker!
Tanya McKenna, Teacher at Ipswich State High School for 23 years & FOCUS Women’s Forum Co-ordinator, Australia

To book Julie to speak at your next Business, Corporate or Conference Event Click Here