• Corporate and Business

    Healthy businesses are full of healthy, resilient staff, that are able to thrive on a challenge, impact others in a positive manner and have a common sense of purpose. Sigma Mindset works with businesses within a success mindset to achieve a high level of performance.

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  • Human Service

    Working with a diverse group of people, in challenging situations can sometimes take a toll on the health and performance of staff. Sigma Mindset works with Human Service organisations within a resilience framework to strengthen, support and help maintain peak performance and health.

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  • Personal

    Life can sometimes provide roadblocks that stop us achieving our life goals. Sigma Mindset works with the individual and the business owner to help you smash through the mental and emotional blockages that keep you stuck and finally achieve the breakthrough you have been longing for.

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  • Public Speaking

    It can always be difficult finding exactly the right speaker for your upcoming important event. Sigma Mindset provides presentations and keynotes that teach, inspire and elevate audiences to new levels of achievement. We believe the audience should walk away with an authentic experience and practical tools for life application.

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  • Workshops

    Learning should, can and is fun. With this in mind, Sigma Mindset workshops are designed for the overall adult learning experience. Participants come away from workshops equipped, prepared and motivated to continue to tackle any necessary change.

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  • Corporate & Business
  • Human Service
  • Personal
  • Public Speaking
  • Workshops

Onsite Face to Face Training

Understand • Control • Improve

In today’s business world, training is an integrated part of everyday corporate life. The right training keeps you ahead of your competitors and provides you with the tools to harness the very best from your staff.

Sigma Mindset is a leading training, coaching and consultancy agency that works with businesses, organisations and individuals within a resilience and success mindset framework. Drawing on 25 years experience, we develop skills and systems that make a real difference to your performance, productivity, sales and staff well being.

Sigma Mindset strives to provide the Emotional, Cognitive and Physical Tools for Performance Improvement

Sigma Mindset aims to connect the Mind Body Heart and Spirit together in work and life thus creating a holistic and balanced approach to everything

Sigma Mindset works with organisations and businesses (whatever your size) to improve performance, productivity, sales and well being not only for your staff but also the organisation or business as a whole

What makes Sigma Mindset different from all the other training organisations?

  • Wherever possible we provide multi media and online programs to back up the face to face. In fact you may opt solely for the multi media and online training.
  • We focus on a holistic approach to performance improvement
  • We discuss and ascertain your business and organisation’s unique needs.
  • We can provide onsite or arrange a venue of your choice
  • We have 25 years experience in aligning training to the needs of your organisation and business
  • Obligation free quote

Sigma Mindset can assist your organisation or business with:


  • All aspects of resiliency training for all organisations and business
  • All aspects of success mindset training
  • Emotional engagement training that keeps customers coming back and skyrockets sales
  • Stress Relief Made Easy
  • Control Stress: Achieve Success
  • Igniting the Motivational Fire: Success Mindset for Business
  • Supportive leadership coaching skills training
  • Critical Incident Stress Management training
  • Building “Tribes” that follow – Transformational Leadership training

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Managers and leaders are given training in many areas but one area that is sometimes overlooked is: How to coach, support and lead your staff?

This training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to coach your staff for performance and mindset improvement.


Designed with the belief that learning and growth should be and is fun

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For an example of a retreat click here.


Within organisations that care for others, it is not unusual to find that the carers themselves become fatigued or even vicariously traumatised themselves.

Resilience training can be used as an educational process to develop hardiness and self awareness of symptoms and signs of burnout.


Learn to understand and harness the power of emotional connectedness when dealing with clients and customers.


Balance and energy are the very foundation of an effective life. Without these two ingredients, very little can happen or even if thinks do progress, the burnout rate will be much quicker.

Learn the simple and life changing steps that will give you back the control of your life that you have been longing for and bring back effectiveness, joy and satisfaction into your life.

Staff who are optimistic, joyful and feel in control of themselves are simply more productive at work and home.

The interconnectedness of work and home is indisputable so why not get it right?


Short courses as well as relaxing retreats are available depending on your needs

To buy a copy of our audio book Stress Relief Made Easy which includes 4 powerful life changing presentations simply click here.

Sigma Mindset wants to equip you to make a positive difference within your organisation or business and increase performance, productivity, sales and well being. Isn’t that what life and business is all about – moving forward?

If you are looking for something that has not been mentioned on this page, please check out our other pages or contact us as below:

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