• Corporate and Business

    Healthy businesses are full of healthy, resilient staff, that are able to thrive on a challenge, impact others in a positive manner and have a common sense of purpose. Sigma Mindset works with businesses within a success mindset to achieve a high level of performance.

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  • Human Service

    Working with a diverse group of people, in challenging situations can sometimes take a toll on the health and performance of staff. Sigma Mindset works with Human Service organisations within a resilience framework to strengthen, support and help maintain peak performance and health.

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  • Personal

    Life can sometimes provide roadblocks that stop us achieving our life goals. Sigma Mindset works with the individual and the business owner to help you smash through the mental and emotional blockages that keep you stuck and finally achieve the breakthrough you have been longing for.

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  • Public Speaking

    It can always be difficult finding exactly the right speaker for your upcoming important event. Sigma Mindset provides presentations and keynotes that teach, inspire and elevate audiences to new levels of achievement. We believe the audience should walk away with an authentic experience and practical tools for life application.

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  • Workshops

    Learning should, can and is fun. With this in mind, Sigma Mindset workshops are designed for the overall adult learning experience. Participants come away from workshops equipped, prepared and motivated to continue to tackle any necessary change.

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  • Corporate & Business
  • Human Service
  • Personal
  • Public Speaking
  • Workshops

Leadership Development and Coaching

Inspire • Influence • Succeed

Leaders draw people together with a common goal

Leaders inspire others to dream bigger than themselves

Leaders bring a group of disjointed individuals together and give them something in common

Leaders inspire passion within the community they have created

Leaders understand the importance of allowing the natural synergy of a group to gain momentum and move the “tribe” forward

Leaders are confident and unafraid of the group’s creativity

Leaders are not always born – they are often made

Sigma Mindset provides the tools to allow the development of leadership through coaching and training within a resilient and success mindset framework.

What is Coaching?
Coaching is about assisting the client to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Coaching is all about collaboration between the coach and the client. The coach really wants the client to achieve success at work, in relationships, in their finances, with their business and with their health. The coach brings to the table knowledge, skills and tools to enable change. The client brings to the table a desire to change and move forward as well as a willingness to utilise and apply these tools

Coaching enables you to design and develop your own personal roadmap to guide you through life’s difficult situations – you know, all the bends, dips and curves that you really were not expecting

Coaching allows the leader to emerge and grow within a safe and confidential relationship of trust and encouragement.

Business Mindset Coaching

Working Smarter Not Harder

Did you realize that 70% of success is attributed to your mindset as opposed to systems? Of the mindset issues, 90% of these are found in the unconscious mind.

What does this mean for you and your business?

If you are feeling frustrated and that you are not achieving your desired progress in business, there is a good chance that the problem lies in your unconscious blockages.

Business Mindset Coaching can help you identify those mental and emotional blockages and once and for all eliminate them. More importantly, you can then replace these blockages with the mindset that will move you forward and create the business success you have been working so hard for.

Working Smarter Not Harder


Leadership can be a pressured and lonely place.

Where do you go when you really need to talk something out?

Executive management coaching gives you the opportunity to finally be able to express concerns and seek answers in a completely confidential and supportive environment.

In today’s corporate economy, it has become essential to seek all the help possible to achieve your unique specific goals. Successful people are coached.

  • Performance Success Mindset Coaching
  • Supportive Leadership Coaching Skills
  • Building “Tribes” that follow – Transformational Leadership


Managers and leaders are given training in many areas but one area that is sometimes overlooked is: How to coach, support and lead your staff?

This training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to coach your staff for performance and mindset improvement.

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  • Designed with the belief that learning and growth should be and is fun

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