The Entrepreneurial Mindset Exposed

Attention Entrepreneurs: Do you feel like you are wasting your time and money doing business the hard way? Discover….

“How to be one of the 20% of businesses that are not only surviving the first 5 years but in fact thriving so you can leave work early, take those dream holidays and spend more time with the kids!”

Dear Entrepreneur,

Do you have a dream that you want to share with the world?

Are you running around like crazy constantly plugging the holes in your business?

Do you wrestle with a mindset that keeps getting in the way of business success?

Does your business vision and purpose seem cloudy rather than clear?

Do distractions keep restricting you from moving forward?

Have you lost sight of your original goals and the energy and determination is flagging?

Have you managed to achieve some entrepreneurial success but you want to take it to the next level?

Or maybe you have a big vision and you’re looking for someone to help turn that vision into a reality?

Would you like to grow your business, go after more exciting opportunities and make more money… but you can’t because you already feel overworked and stressed out just running your business?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions then keep reading, this letter is definitely for you.

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Discover How You Can Develop an Entrepreneurial Success Mindset and Turn Your Business Dream Into a Reality!

Attending this high-powered, high content, one day event will reveal how you can learn to dream and then action that dream to not only make a difference to your customer but also transform your life and business

What keeps you up at night pacing the floor until 2am (or is that 4am)?

  • Fear of failure?
  • Feeling out of control?
  • Not being focused and knowing you are wasting time and money?
  • Fear of losing everything you have worked so hard for?
  • Struggling with disappointment and discouragement?
  • Relationships that are strained by business commitments?
  • Worrying about your business?

Learn How to Focus Your Mindset to Achieve What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

You Will Discover How To:

  • Identify and achieve what you want, not what you don’t want
  • Get the foundations of your business right so that all else can fall into place
  • Focus your mindset to achieve
  • Tap into your creative processes
  • Identify your dream and turn it into entrepreneurial business success
  • Lay the big picture foundations for your business that will govern every decision you make
  • Get the business foundations right from the beginning or
  • Recreate these foundations to enable you to move forward
  • Conquer fear, discouragement, frustration and stress
  • Identify and eliminate blockages to moving forward and achieving entrepreneurial success
  • Develop a personal systematic process for entrepreneurial creative mindset success
  • Renewed energy, determination and focus
  • Enjoy life and feel in control while you build your business

Which Way are You Heading?

Who is your facilitator and why should you listen to me?

Julie Spain is an Online Author, Business Mindset Coach, Business Owner, Property Investor, Public Speaker, Trainer and Mindset Expert with over 25 years experience in business, corporations and transforming mindset. Julie’s dream is to change your mindset and thereby transform your business and life. Powerful and passionate, Julie’s presentations teach, inspire, and elevate audiences to new levels of achievement. Julie’s business, Sigma Mindset, is a one stop shop for all your business, corporate and personal mindset products and services.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset Exposed


Who would like to know the most important tool for business and life success?

That’s right – Mindsetin fact up to 90% of success is driven by our mindset

Is your mindset where it should be for entrepreneurial success?

You’ll discover the heart of your business

no more ambiguity about who you are and where your business is going

It’s going to be one jam packed day of just you and me.

Heads down, outcome focused to drive your business to success


Why will it be different to other seminars?

Because I won’t just tell you what to do – I will show you how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that has real and successful outcomes

You’ll get a proven mindset system of how to transform your business into a smarter, faster and more streamlined company…that makes you more money with less time and effort than ever before.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset Exposed

When and Where?

Mount Isa

Royal Flying Doctors Service

11 Barkly Hwy

Wednesday 22nd May 2013

9.00 am to 5.00 pm

When you attend The Entrepreneurial Mindset Exposed, you’ll gain dozens of practical tips and strategies you can put to work in your business immediately to generate more leads, specific direction and increased turnover.

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