• Corporate and Business

    Healthy businesses are full of healthy, resilient staff, that are able to thrive on a challenge, impact others in a positive manner and have a common sense of purpose. Sigma Mindset works with businesses within a success mindset to achieve a high level of performance.

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  • Human Service

    Working with a diverse group of people, in challenging situations can sometimes take a toll on the health and performance of staff. Sigma Mindset works with Human Service organisations within a resilience framework to strengthen, support and help maintain peak performance and health.

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  • Personal

    Life can sometimes provide roadblocks that stop us achieving our life goals. Sigma Mindset works with the individual and the business owner to help you smash through the mental and emotional blockages that keep you stuck and finally achieve the breakthrough you have been longing for.

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  • Public Speaking

    It can always be difficult finding exactly the right speaker for your upcoming important event. Sigma Mindset provides presentations and keynotes that teach, inspire and elevate audiences to new levels of achievement. We believe the audience should walk away with an authentic experience and practical tools for life application.

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  • Workshops

    Learning should, can and is fun. With this in mind, Sigma Mindset workshops are designed for the overall adult learning experience. Participants come away from workshops equipped, prepared and motivated to continue to tackle any necessary change.

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  • Corporate & Business
  • Human Service
  • Personal
  • Public Speaking
  • Workshops

About Sigma Mindset

Sigma Mindset is a leading training, coaching and consultancy agency that works with businesses, organisations and individuals within a resilience and success mindset framework. Drawing on 25 years experience, we develop skills and systems that make a real difference to your performance, productivity, sales and staff well being.

Sigma Mindset achieves this through customised training and coaching by researching and designing a tailored solution to your organisations specific needs.

Whether you need a one-day onsite training session for your staff or you need consulting and training for a major organizational development project, Sigma Mindset can help. We provide comprehensive training, speaking, coaching and consulting services for organizations worldwide.

Resilience Training for Business, Human Service I E-learning

Emotional Engagement Training for Increasing Sales

Work/Life Balance I Stress Relief Made Easy

Public Speaking for Events I Success Mindset Business Training

Executive and Leadership Coaching I Online Training

Digital Products I Supportive Leadership Coaching Skills

Corporate Retreats I Staff Well Being Programs

Consultation to Employee Assistance Programs

Critical Incident Stress Management I Peer Support Programs

Online Personal Development Program

Julie Spain

B.A.(Psychology); B.Soc.Wk; MAASW

Founder and Director of Sigma Mindset

Julie is a highly qualified and experienced professional with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a post graduate degree in Social Work and 25 years experience in private practice and management.

Julie is an online author, public speaker, trainer, educator, psychotherapist, executive life coach, property investor, business owner and manager.

Julie spent 15 years in private practice providing psychotherapy, training and consultation to individual clients and corporations. For 10 years she was responsible for the development and management of one of the largest Employee Assistance Programs in the country for the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. In this role, Julie led a team of 140 firefighters and mental health professionals and provided psycho/social services to 55,000 staff, volounteers and their families.

Currently, Julie is a regular presenter on ‘Good Business’ aired on QCTV each Wednesday 9.30pm where she discusses simple, yet powerful tools for business and personal improvement and health

In partnership with her husband William, Julie established Sigma Mindset – a business dedicated to providing Powerful Transformational Tools for Personal and Business Improvement. Sigma Mindset pursues this outcome for its clients through:

  • Powerful public speaking and training engagements
  • Transformational Mindset and Life coaching
  • Staff well being programs designed to improve performance
  • Mindset makeovers for sales people, customer service personnel, business women, leaders, business, pilots and emergency service personnel to name just a few
  • Emotional engagement training that keeps customers coming back and skyrockets sales
  • Resilience building for personal and business improvement
  • Personal programs for health, vitality and success – no more stress

Julie is passionate about helping individuals and organizations live their best and achieve their best. Her whole life has been dedicated to the principle of helping individuals and organisations do life and business both better and smarter.

Sigma Mindset provides an ever growing range of training and educational products both online and offline

You can view other websites and products at:

Secrets to Emotional Health is an online coaching program designed specifically to help you achieve total health, wellbeing, success and overcome any emotional and mental barriers that are blocking your progress


DiaryOfAnOnlineBusiness.com – a blog about the trials and successes of starting an online business as well as


Thriving Not Just Surviving a Divorce: How to Bounce Back and Find Happiness Again – Allows you to learn from 8 people’s stories, exactly how they built the life of their dreams after the devastation of divorce. It then gives you the tools to do the same.


Thriving Not Just Surviving a Life Crisis: How to Bounce Back and Find Happiness Again– a comprehensive eBook giving you the exact steps needed to recover from a personal disaster and find restoration and happiness


Stress Relief Made Easy – a comprehensive four part audio Book/CD containing: “A Prescription for Stress Management”; “10 Tips for Cultivating Positive Emotions for Optimum Health”; “Deep Breathing for Relaxation”; “Relaxation for Stress Management” [link to products page to go in here]